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Mast Tour Pen Machine

September 15 2022 – Dragonhawkstore Hello

Mast Tour Pen Machine
Mast Tour Pen Machine

    In the year of 2019, Dragonhawk tattoo supply released the first pen machine -- Mast Tour, which is flexible and smallest pen machine. Why? The traditional tattoo machine is too heavy, and not portable enough to carry to anywhere, that is the reason why we made the machine like this one. Mast tour, made for travelling, makes it more easier for tattooing.

    The frame of Mast tour Machine are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized, laser engraved logo. That why the machine is light, also used the custom coreless motor that the machine is powerful and strong, the appropriately working voltage is 6-8V which is enough for all work, the highlight is the LED light designing, while you turn on the machine that is the blue light will turn on, it is the tremendous design that we have ever done. We are dedicate to produce the unique machine that we faster than others.

    In general, the tattoo machine has been developed generation to generation. For the pen machine, this is the huge change that it may shocking, because some people think that the small pen machine is not powerful that not working long time, but our pen machine would be able to work long time, it is strong as well.

    At last, why we recommend this pen? Because the pen is good for female artist that is easy to control, let tattoo more enjoyable and reduce the pain of the person. The machine is quiet which can reduce the the anxiety, so we believe that we have made a successful pen machine.


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