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Tattoo Needles Guide | Tattoo Needles Diameter & Tattoo Needles Taper

September 16 2022 – Dragonhawkstore Hello

Tattoo Needles Guide | Tattoo Needles Diameter & Tattoo Needles Taper
Tattoo Needles Guide | Tattoo Needles Diameter & Tattoo Needles Taper

    With so many shapes and sizes for tattoo needles, what should you know before buying tattoo needles? As a tattoo beginner, no matter you wanna be a tattoo artists or just DIY for fun, it’s important to know how to select a correct tattoo needles. Today we’d like to talk about tattoo needles diameter and tattoo needle taper of cartridge needles, helping you know to choose the cartridge sizes.

    Basically, tattoo needles can be roughly classified into three styles: Round Tattoo Needles, Flat Tattoo Needles, Magnum Tattoo Needles (Round Magnums / Curved Magnums, Stacked Magnum Needles and Weaved Magnum Needles). Also tattoo needles includes tattoo needles diameter and tattoo needle taper.

Types of Tattoo Needles

  • Round Liner Needles

As the name suggests, with round linder needles the needles are soldered together in a round/ circular formation. This makes these needles ideal for lining work. There are different thicknesses available, depending on how thick you’d like the line you’d be – these range from 01 for very fine to 14 for very thick.

  • Round Shader Needles

As with round liner needles, for round shader needles, the pins are placed in a round pattern. However, they aren’t as close together, therefore they are great for shading or thicker lines.

  • Flat Shaeder Needles

Flat shader needles have the pins soldered in a straight line on the needle bar. Despite their name, these needles can be used for lining or shading. Their shape allows for more ink delivery to the skin allowing you to produce thicker, clearer lines with one pass. Larger flat shader needles are great for intricate shading due to the amount of control that you have.

  • Magnum Shader Needles

All magnum needles have the pins in an ongoing M pattern. The tight grouping means that they are perfect for shading. Since they provide great coverage, they require less passes to shade an area which means a quicker tattoo and less trauma to the skin.

  • Curved Magnum Shaeder Needles

Curved magnums, also known as round magnums, have the top of the needle pins in a curved formation. These help disperse the ink better and create a more consistent line. Their shape also allows for more control and softer shading.

  • Cartridge Needles

Cartridges are in fact standard tattoo needles but packaged as a cartridge. Think of them like printer cartridges in a printer – you can change them quickly and easily. Similarly to bugpins, some artists like them some don’t.

Needles Diameter Instruction

    As we can easily know from the literal meaning of diameter, which means the length of passing through the center of the circle and connect two points on the connecting segment or through the center of the sphere and connect the ball segment.

Diameter: 14#=0.4MM (1401RL)

#14 Commonly used for single needle thin thread and coloring style

Diameter: 12#-0.35MM (1201RL)

#12 Commonly used for coloring old school black and gray lining

Diameter:10#=0.3MM (1001RL)

#08 & #10: Commonly used for realistic, sketch, portrait

Diameter: 08#=0.25MM (0801RL)

#08: Commonly used for eyebrow, lip, eyeliner

Needles Taper Instruction

    The needle taper shows the length and angle of the needle point. A short taper will have a short point, Usually a short taper is 1.5mm. A long taper will have a longer point. Long taper needles are mostly 2.0mm. Long tapers can go as much as 7mm but they are not very common and you won’t find them in your local tattoo equipment store.

RLT Super Tighten

Needles Features: 7mm taper needles / Needles sharp / Tighter closure

Applicable style: Realistic portrait details / More delicate colors

Note: Suitable for professional tattoo artists, otherwise it is not easy to control the skin damage

RL Standard Tighten

Needles Features: 5mm standard taper / Wide range of applications / Moderate needles closing less trauma

Applicable style: can be used to create various styles / Easy to master

RLB Half-close

Needles Features: 3.5mm taper blunt / High saturation and thick color / More effective color injection

Applicable style: Suitable for traditional color pack, etc

Note: Penetration resistance is high requiring a powerful machine


    So far, we know that tattoo needles has a wide range in shapes and sizes. Hopefully this article help you have a rough konwledge about tattoo needles, so as you can decide which shapes and sizes are the most suitable for your tattoos.


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