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Why Rotary Tattoo Machines Become Hot Today

September 15 2022 – Dragonhawkstore Hello

Why Rotary Tattoo Machines Become Hot Today
Why Rotary Tattoo Machines Become Hot Today

    Nowadays, rotary tattoo machines have become more and more popular and hot-selling, here we'd like to discuss the advantages of Rotary Tattoo Machine.

  • a. the rotary tattoo machine is quiet, which creates the psychological perception which makes less pain;
  • b. rotary tattoo machines are lighter on hands, which means less finger and hand cramping, so artists make fewer mistakes;
  • c. such kind of machines are suitable for both lining and shading.That's why the rotary machine has been chosen by lots of tattoo artists all around the world.

    In the past few years, tattoo artists prefer the coil machine, which is powerful and strong, the coil machines are good for the lining, but the sound is louder and heavier than rotary machine. It looks like the electronic device such as the mobile phone: the difference between cell phone and smart phone is one is able to surfing the Internet, the other one has just taking and send message, that's similar between the coil machine and rotary machine.

    In my option, if I was a tattoo artist I will pick the rotary machine, why? Because the rotary machine is light and low sound, also the rotary machine can do lining now.

    Other rotary machine which is the rotary pen machine, a pen looks more comfortable and convenience. Some pen machines without noise make tattoo much easier, with powerful motor that should be do lining. I think it depends on people who like coil machine or rotary. I believe that the most supply will make rotary machine,let tattoo artist work better. In general, no matter coil machine, rotary machine and machine pen, all are good tattoo equipment for tattoo artist to make a good work.


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