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WJX W3 Ultra Fast Charging Wireless Tattoo Machine Adjustable Stroke 2.4-4.2mm

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WJX W3 Ultra Fast Charging Wireless Tattoo Machine Adjustable Stroke 2.4-4.2mm

WJX W3, using a new generation of charging technology, can be quickly set in a short period. Just take a moment of rest, around 10 minutes, to ensure an hour of work guaranteed long-lasting endurance.

WJX W3 with adjustable stroke function. lt can be switched between strokes 2.4mm-4.2mmat will to meet various creative needs.
The optimization body size to ensure that the machine has excellent weight and grip feeling, so that the artist can use it under the best comfortable and convenient situation.

Wired & Wireless Switch Anytime:
The power supply module can be replaced according to the artist's needs and switched at will. Whether wired or wireless, suitable for any working scenario.

Strong Power:
WJX W3 adopts a tattoo machine with a particular coreless motor,12V 10000 rpm, with a stroke adjustment function.
Increasing the tattoo artist's work efficiency and creative style.

Machine Storage Bag:
WJX exclusive customized thoughtful travel packaging and reasonable storage of your favourite machine.

Stroke: 2.4-4.2mm (2.4/ 2.7/ 3.0/ 3.3/ 3.6/ 3.9/ 4.2mm)
Speed: 12V/10000RPM
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Machine & Battery length: 127mm
Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 198g
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Charging method: Type-C
Charging Time: about 40min
Working Time: about 3.5h

    Dragonhawk product warranty service terms

    Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply offers one-year warranty for all tattoo machines.

    1. Regarding warranty information
    Thanks very much for purchasing and supporting Dragonhawk products. Please contact our customer service service@dragonhawktattoos.com directly when there is a problem with the product you received. We provide one-year warranty service for machines and power supplies. The customer team will verify your situation by email. Please provide the order number, product pictures, video when submitting the warranty verification email. These Info can speed up the verification. The audit result will be sent to you by email.

    2. Regarding the warranty requirements

    For products that are non-artificial damaged, Dragonhawk will provide effective warranty services. We do not provide warranty service in the following situations: 
    ⑴. The product was seriously damaged due to falling to the ground. 
    ⑵. The product was soaked in liquid. 
    ⑶. The product was disassembled and modified privately

    3. Regarding exceeding service time situation

    Please don’t worry, if the Dragonhawk product you purchased is damaged after one-year. The Dragonhawk service team will provide paid maintenance product services. Please contact the service team via email service@dragonhawktattoos.com. And please provide the order number and product pictures in the meantime. The service team will notify you of the maintenance cost and logistics cost by email.

    Hope to be noticed:

    1. If the machine breaks within 30 days of receiving the order and is still not repaired after contacting customer service, we will send you a new machine for free.
    2. If the machine breaks within the warranty period, we will provide free maintenance. The problem of machines can’t be solved through remote support; you can ship the machine to our maintenance address for free maintenance. Meanwhile, the buyer will pay the shipping fee for sending it back.