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WJX Macropin Cartridges Needles 0.35MM Round Liner(RLLT) 7mm Taper - Box of 20

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  • Product Description
      Providing the most convenient, stable and richer types, needles match with more models
      Brand new and high-performance design will highly increase the efficiency of your traditional coil machine
      For professional tattoo artists who are having more high demand for quality and efficiency,
      These needles will take it to an extreme on their picky hands
      the tip of the needle fits perfectly with the shell of the needle, making the ink smooth and the needle

      Needle Diameter Sizes available in #12 (0.35mm) 7mm Taper
      The regular tight grouping of medium and long taper, used for regular lines
      Medium taper is commonly used for classic and bold (fat) lines
      The medium taper allows more needle contact with skin to deposit more pigment
      Long taper is commonly used for thin lines (Top seller)

      Thin and sharp taper commonly used for all types of needles
      Very popular in round liners and black and grey work
      Long taper sharpness allows working more time on skin with less trauma
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