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What Tattoo Machine Should I Buy?

September 16, 2022 – dragonhawk tattoos

What Tattoo Machine Should I Buy?
What Tattoo Machine Should I Buy?

What Tattoo Machine Should I Buy?

For professional tattoo artists, it never be a question about how to choose a tattoo machine; but for new starter, they will be confused and have no idea about that.So many kind of machines on the market, such as coil machine, rotary machine and pen machine. Below we will put forward some of our small suggestions to you, you can refer to.

Coil Tattoo Machine

Same as the electronic device, coil tattoo machine has been upgraded generation to generation, which adopts the coil machine in decade years ago at the beginning when rotary machine is launched. Now more and more tattoo artists choose the rotary pen machine with cartridges, as the pen machine works easily, also more efficiently.

Rotary Tattoo Machine

Nowadays, both rotary machine and rotary pen machine can be used for lining and shading. Generally speaking, tattoo pen machines do good in lining. As we have collected a lot of good feedback from tattoo artists “Tattoo pen machine is light-weight and ergonomic, which allows tattooing works like painting. Much easier tattooing makes more fresh tattoo artists learn tattoos better.” Thant’s why the rotary tattoo pen is good for tattooing.

Tattoo Pen Machine

It’s foreseeable that the tattoo pen machine will be a trend in the next few years. If I were a tattoo artist, a pen style tattoo machine would be the first choice. As the pen machine is portable and easily carried to any place where you can work. It would help a lot for an artist who need to work in different place. Also, the tattoo pen machine works with wireless power supply, and no need to work with the foot pedal. I believe that is enough for each level tattoo artist. The pen machine is easily used, simply adjust the stroke and voltage, so it would be a good choice for new tattoo artist to choose the pen machine for their first tattoo machine.

In conclusion, it’s no doubt that no matter what machine (coil machine, rotary machine and pen machine) the tattoo artist choose, which should be depended on the personal habits, the most suitable is the best.


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