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Tattoo Small Tips for Beginner

September 16 2022 – dragonhawk tattoos

Tattoo Small Tips for Beginner
Tattoo Small Tips for Beginner

Before you starting tattooing, practice with paint or a pencil on paper, apples, oranges, and other contoured items first. After you get familiar with the procedure, you can start tattoo on fake skin. Practice on pig skin is even better. Pig skin makes good human skin analogues. Pig skin is layered with a epidermis, dermis and inner layers just like human skin, this will allow you to get a feel for how deep exactly you must penetrate with the needle in order to get the desired effect in the skin. Also, practice using different strokes to prepare yourself for tattooing different kinds of artwork.

Practice skin

Practice Skin

About choosing the first tattoo machine, we would recommend you buy a rotary tattoo machine. As the development of the rotary tattoo machine, now it can do both lining and shading. Many pen-style rotary tattoo machine is very friendly for beginner, they are easy to set up and adjust. They contain a small motor which pushes the attached needle up and down in a smooth almost cyclical motion which moves the needles in and out of the skin more fluidly.

Mast Archer

Mast Archer

Aside from the tattoo machine, you also need to buy tattoo needles. There are different kinds of tattoo needles. Small needles are used to create thin outlines, small tattoos, and details. Large needles are for bold outlines and shading. You can check more detailed on our blog (How to choose tattoo needles as a beginner?).

You also need to complete the parts of your tattoo machine. Other items you'll need to buy depending on the type of machine you opt for are tattoo power supplies, grommets, O-rings, and rubber bands. You'll also need machine bags, tattoo tubes, and will need to decide whether to buy the disposable kind or the reusable ones.

Make sure the product you bought is qualified. Quality products will avoid the risk of infection. These tools must be medically verified and undergo a thorough sterilization process. Otherwise, the infection can cause serious complications, including seizures, organ necrosis, anaphylaxis, or death. And we promise all tattoo equipments sell on our website are qualified.

Tattooing For Beginners – FAQs

How Deep Should a Tattoo Needle Penetrate?
Insert the tattoo needle between 1 and 2 millimeters deep. You’re aiming for the dermis layer of skin. A shallow puncture will cause the ink to bleed out. Any deeper and your client could get an infection. It’s essential to be familiar with the biology of human skin so you can do this properly.

What is a Tattoo Blowout?
If a tattoo artist uses too much pressure when applying ink, they might inject it into a fat layer instead of the dermis. As a result, the ink moves more freely, and the tattoo will appear blurred or smudged. A client might choose to correct this issue by getting other tattoos to hide the blowout. A blowout cover-up can cost anywhere from $80 to $300.

Do You Stretch the Skin When Tattooing?
The skin has to be taut when tattooing to make sure the ink settles correctly. It’s also better for precision work. If the surface isn’t taut, the needle will bounce or catch on the skin.



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